another week in football

17 09 2007

Joke of the week :

Ronaldo, Luis Figo and James McFadden

Goal of the week : Riccardo Zampagna

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Story of the week : 76-year-old granny who embarked on a one-woman pitch invasion

It’s My Bawl

“I think she was offside – the linesman put his flag up.”


Grinding it out… same old, same old.

16 09 2007

Ever since that someone posted a comment that this site lacked Man Utd content, I feel that I have to contribute at least once every two weeks or be crucified by the… numerous(?) United fans who visit this site.

What can I say? I have really been disappointed with United’s football thus far. For a team that has invested 50 big ones in the summer, you’d think they’d be anything but short of cover in certain positions. After this past week of internationals and last night’s game, we now have ONE striker and ONE left back.

I don’t know if this whole no out-and-out striker = lack of goals is justified. I mean, I saw Saha come on for the last 20 minutes or so against Sunderland and Everton and the flow of the match didn’t really alter dramatically. The only similarities I saw were: Vidic’s great defending, lack of creativity, Scholes’ horrendous tackling, Wes Brown’s impressive tackling, United’s desperation, and a winning goal off a near-post corner.

Wanna stop United from scoring? Work on defending those near-post balls.

Oh yah, one more thing I noticed… Rio Ferdinand is a completely different player once he gets the captain’s armband. Give him two and he’ll probably be the best there ever was.


Lest I get crucified for being the most critical, sarcastic and skeptical United fan ever (I am a Man Utd fan, really!), I must say that I am ‘content’ that they are at least grinding out results. Jose Mourinho would have key-messaged us to death on ‘champions are those that get three points even when having out-played’ – and I think this is pertinent. I mean, to be performing this poorly and still be only two points adrift is a massive achievement. The teams who are in form would probably want to be build a bigger lead before the off-form teams kick into gear. Because eventually, they will. And when that happens, watch out!

There’s my two cents of positivism. πŸ™‚

I love BBC Quotes of the week

12 09 2007

“I got out of Bolton quick. The weather and English football were not for me. The forwards used to tackle me, a defender. I did not understand.”
As Vincent Candela announces his retirement, he reveals why he left Bolton in 2005.

“Good name for Scrabble.”
Mark Lawrenson, commenting on Israel’s left back, Yoav Ziv.

“Twiddle the knob around until something new comes up.”
Jonathan Agnew when telling listeners how to listen to cricket commentary on digital radio (during the final ODI).

“I dont think it was a high tackle, I just think Dominici was low.”
ITV commentator in the France v Argentina game.

“God told me to sign for Hull.”
Jay-Jay Okocha on why he went to the KC stadium.

“Batman is a Kopite.”
Liverpool fans in the Kop as two bats circled and darted in and out of the stand during the Toulouse game.

“Mr John Smith your wife is waiting under the scoreboard, it’s your turn to feed the baby.”
During Leicester Tigers match.

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internationals week = boring ><

10 09 2007

BBC’s Quotes of Last Week

“It’s a bit like a marriage. You want to do things in life but if you don’t have anyone to share it with then it’s just not as fulfilling.”
Gareth Southgate takes an original line in trying to lure the crowds back to the Riverside Stadium.

Yaya Toure Slaps Xavi And Blaming Someone else πŸ™‚

Another week in football

29 08 2007

Imagine your Premiership Managers in a class. Hilarious.

The managers – premiership parody

Literally kicking your opponents ass. Cheers Baldini!!


RIP Rhys Jones & Antonio Puerta 😦

Spur-ring on, United finally win.

28 08 2007

Second-last in the Premier League table is not a position Man Utd are accustomed to. Yet there they were sitting majestically above Derby before the clash with Tottenham on Sunday. To put it plainly, losing – or even a point – would be catastrophic even at this stage of the season. I guess it does put into perspective how competitive the EPL has been since Chelsea became a force.

Martin Jol’s team were not exactly flying high themselves and with the recent flak he was getting, it was imperative that Spurs got a result at Old Trafford. Not the easiest of things to do considering their poor record there – Spurs’ last win was in Dec 1989. All the hype and statistics seemed to point towards an intense, open, attacking fest. Well, there was plenty of ‘goal-mouth action’. Unfortunately, not the kind of action neither United nor Spurs fans would be relishing.

Most of the game was played in midfield with both sides striving hard for penetration. With Tevez up on his own, the trio of Carrick, Scholes, and Hargreaves proved ineffective in getting anywhere beyond Spurs’ resilient back-line. Only Nani provided that bit of flair and industry and hopes of any ‘magic’. At the other end, the ever-immaculate Berbatov was wrecking havoc for Vidic and Ferdinand; his two well-crafted chances in the 2nd half requiring heroics from Brown and Ferdinand to keep United in the game. Both chances also substantiated valid claims for penalties though neither was given, thus inviting a flurry of post-match controversy.

Berbatov put on a masterclass performance – even with lack of service

Former United target Gareth Bale started his first match and impressed. Playing most of the match on the left of midfield, the 17-year old was more than a match for Wes Brown and his dead-ball pedigree nearly gifted Ricardo Rocha a goal. Unfortunately, the defender fluffed his chance and sent the ball wide.

At the end, the scoreline was settled by a spectacular effort by Nani – though Carlos Tevez’s intervention may have proved more vital than it appears. Only Paul Robinson knows if it mattered.

Tottenham were the better team at Old Trafford. However, like Chelsea, it is important for potential champions to grind out results when least likely. Chelsea did it against Portsmouth and United had to against Spurs.

I’d hold the celebrations for now…

Indeed there’s a lot to be happy about, but Ferguson will not be celebrating considering his team were outplayed for the first time this season. Ironic, eh? With Solksjaer’s immediate plans to retire, the Scots will probably have to reconsider his decision not to purchase a striker before January. Suddenly, that seems like a long time away.

Man of the match: Dimitar Berbatov

Play of the day: Berbatov collecting a high-ball, pulling it behind him on his foot between Vidic and Ferdinand before attempting to bend it top right corner. Van der Sar was grounded.

Controversy take: 1) Vidic had eyes on ball, no obstruction. 2) Hit Brown’s chest. Even if arm, too close and after Rob Styles’ case, was unlikely to be given.

Sunderland 0 – Liverpool 2

26 08 2007

Sunderland goalkeeper Craig Gordon had a good game could do nothing more to let in two goals as Liverpool overpowered Sunderland at the Stadium of Light.

There are a lot of positives to take from this game. Notably the squad coped with the game in the absence of Steven Gerrard, and even after losing both center halves to injury.

Hyypia broke his nose and had to go off as early as the 15th minute. Agger didn’t get the rest he was supposed to get. Carragher had some trouble with his ribs and had to go off in the 75th minute. Arbeloa filled in well in his place.

Momo Sissoko score his goal in his Liverpool career.. and what a goal it was! You wouldn’t bet on him scoring a goal, what more a goal like that!

He had a good game overall. I think he improved drastically from last season in terms of positioning, passing, as well as avoided giving silly fouls and getting booked. Let’s hope he continues his development and fulfills to his potential.

Voronin scored the second goal late in the game. It was a finely worked move from the rest of the team and he finished well after doing well to make space for the shot. He played well despite making a lot of mistakes in promising situations. Afterall it is his first full Premier League game. I am impressed with him overall as a good squad player.

Is it me or does he look like Triple H ?

Babel wasn’t particularly effective on the left wing. Being right footed, he tends to cut infield a lot and run into a lot of trouble. Again, let’s hope he improves as well and settle be the star everyone is tipping him to be.

Torres played well too. Alongside Voronin, they didn’t give the Sunderland defenders one moment of rest and I won’t be surprised if any of the defenders have nightmares of them tonight.

The Liverpool duo worked hard to hassle and force mistakes from the Sunderland defence. Torres has a few good chances to score but it just wasn’t his day.

I shall leave you with this video as a tribute to the good job Roy Keane is doing at Sunderland. I present to you .. Roy Keane .. & Roy Keane..